Nasdaq Risk Intelligence


MANAGED services AND solutions

Nasdaq Risk Intelligence managed services and solutions help businesses create efficiencies and make objective assessments about current opportunities and threats by supporting key business processes from reporting and audit to regulatory compliance, internal control and risk management programs. Nasdaq Risk Intelligence solutions are powered by Nasdaq BWise technology.

To best support our clients’ specific requirements, Risk Intelligence solutions are available as Best-Practice Solution (BPS) or Building Block solution (BBS):

  • BPS: out-of-the-box SAAS solution with no implementation required – Includes in-product training guiding users directly in the application for a quick start. 
  • BBS: for those companies who wish to benefit from Nasdaq’s best-practice approach while having the flexibility to tailor the solution to their specific needs. 

The following BPS and BBS are currently available:

Best-practice solutions (BPS)

 Building block solutions (BBS)

  • Nasdaq Regulatory Change Management BBS
  • Nasdaq SOX Compliance BBS 
  • Nasdaq Internal Control BBS
  • Nasdaq Operational Risk Management BBS
  • Nasdaq Internal Audit BBS
  • Nasdaq Enterprise Risk Management BBS
  • Nasdaq InfoSec Management BBS
  • Nasdaq GDPR Compliance BBS
  • Nasdaq Loss Database BBS
  • Nasdaq KRI BBS

Nasdaq Risk Intelligence is a strategic offering of Nasdaq Corporates Services, a suite of technology solutions and consultative services designed to support companies throughout their corporate life cycle, including investor intelligence and shareholder advisory services to board and leadership collaboration and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions.

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