Support for the end-to-end policy management process

Employees are the first line of defense in protecting your organization’s reputation and business interests. A foundational policy management program is key to ensure employees are adequately informed and able to fulfill this responsibility.

The BWise Policy Management solution allows companies to streamline the complete policy management process and the communication around it. This solution shows which policy and version is in effect and to whom it is applicable, indicates who has completed certification and facilitates pro-active follow up on policy waivers and gaps.

The BWise Policy Management solution allows for:

  • Easy centralization and management of policies, standards and procedures across the organization
  • Employees to quickly locate and confirm that they have read and understood all applicable corporate policies
  • Policy awareness campaigns to be completed quickly and efficiently 
  • Full audit trails on policy management related activities
BWise uniquely integrates policies, procedures and controls in a process driven manner. Not only does BWise facilitate the management of policy documents, and parts thereof, BWise also enables the management of individual controls and how they relate to policies and risks.
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