Regulatory Change Management Solution

Augmented regulatory content

and intuitive workflow management

in one solution 

Keeping on top of regulatory change can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Coping with the sheer volume of new regulatory requirements imposes a high degree of complexity upon financial institutions. Organizations are challenged to interpret all these regulations and to operationalize and sustain compliance practices.

Regulatory Change Management provides banks and other financial institutions with augmented regulatory content and intuitive workflow management in one solution to alleviate the burden of compliance, enable board and regulator assurance, and ensure you never miss a regulatory update. 

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Alleviate the burden of compliance

Workflow management with structured regulatory content including interpretation in plain language, enabling you to reduce time and costs associated with monitoring regulatory requirements.

Enable board and regulator assurance

Instill confidence in the compliance program by providing the board, executives and regulators assurance that regulatory changes are being proactively addressed.

Never miss a regulatory update

Full coverage of applicable regulatory bodies, globally.


Key Features 

Out of the box

Integrated cloud solution including regulatory content.

State of the art workflow management

Assignment of ownership driving
accountability, dissemination and follow
up of action plans including e-mail
notification linked to relevant regulatory
notifications, business entities and
policies for efficient monitoring.

Full coverage

Daily monitoring of changes across more than 330 global regulatory bodies, globally.

Effortless Reporting

Standard reports and dashboards including an aggregate view of changes, impact, action plan status and more, providing leadership and regulators alike with assurance that regulatory change is being managed proactively. 

Augmented regulatory change notifications

Changes are analyzed and
structured into a standardized feed
including an interpretation by legal
subject matter experts.


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