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5 Steps to Build a Powerful Risk and Control Strategy

Watch our on-demand webinar in which GRC Pundit, Michael Rasmussen and SAI Global experts will present 5 concrete steps to build a powerful risk and control strategy.

Reputational Risk Due Diligence: Is Your Organization Doing all it Can?

Are you confident that your organization can effectively recognize and manage reputational risk?

GRC Maturity: The What, How, and Why

Watch the on-demand webinar with KPMG LLP and SAI Global, in which experts will provide a context for assessing your organization based on best practices - both internal and external facing.

Financial Organizations: Enhance Your Regulatory Compliance Program

KPMG LLP and SAI Global BWise review key findings from a recent peer-to-peer exchange share forum hosted by KPMG on the future of change management and evaluate technology that enhances your regulatory compliance program in this on-demand webinar.

Challenge Status-Quo: Best-Practices to Elevate your Internal Control Program

Internal Control has undergone many changes over subsequent years: the reliance of Internal Audit on effective Internal Controls is growing and agility is key to gain greater control over risks and lower exposure to fraud and errors.

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