Recorded webinar

GRC Integration in Action 

The benefits of an integrated approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) are undeniable and often put forward. Numerous surveys show integrated GRC leads to a reduction in redundant activities, improved transparency and greater alignment of processes. But how often have you had the chance to see it in action? Nasdaq BWise hosted a webinar to present concrete applications of GRC integration.

The GRC Integration in Action webinar presented by Luc Brandts, Founder of Nasdaq BWise, and Bart van der Hoeven, Director Solutions Consulting at Nasdaq BWise demonstrated how:

  • Audit programs can be optimized by using the results of Risk, Control or Compliance management programs as well as the risk and control framework from the business to facilitate audit planning, scoping and execution
  • Control testing results can be used in the rating of risks
  • A common risk language allows to report risks on group level and drill-down to local levels across silos
  • Control convergence can reduce operational impact by reducing redundant activities
  • To leverage the GRC platform for 3rd Party Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Policy Management, Information Security, Regulatory Compliance and Model Risk Management

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